Susanne + Mike - Highlight Film

Well, I think it is safe to say I am NOT a blogger! Between filming, editing and taking care of two kiddos there is just not enough time in the day! My last post was from 8 months ago! We have filmed dozens of weddings since then but instead of blogging about them I have been uploading them to Facebook and Instagram.  So if you are running across this post, please head over to our Facebook page at or our instagram at to view our latest films. As for now.... Please enjoy one of our newest films featuring the lovely Susanne & Mike! 

Photography | Tim Davis Photography

Ceremony | First Baptist Church

Reception | The Petroleum Club

Dress | Laura's Couture

Florist | Moore Flowers

Cake | Cheri's Bakery

DJ | Premier Sound of Kansas

Hair & Makeup | Planet Hair 



Kayla + Austin - Highlight Film

This post is a little late, but we had an amazing time filming Kayla and Austin's wedding in Oklahoma City! It was such a nice change of scenery getting to film at a new venue! Coles Garden was stunning! Kayla and Austin decided not to do a first look, which I love because Austin's reaction when he sees Kayla walking down the aisle is just the sweetest thing ever! Enjoy their highlight film!!!

Megan + Reid - Teaser

Megan and Reid's wedding was beyond magical! I would have to say decor wise it is probably my favorite to date! I loved the whimsical, earthy feel. The meadow in the Botanica Gardens was breathtaking! With only the white chairs and the floral garland hanging from the gorgeous old tree in the backdrop, it was beautifully simple. The toast that Megan's dad gave was the inspiration for the highlight film, it just doesn't get any sweeter! We also got to work with so many amazing vendors! Enjoy the teaser!

Event Planner: Events and Design by Ashley

Photographer: Tim Davis Photography

Venue: Botanica Gardens

Dj: Accent Mobile Music

Florist: Magnolia Floral Studio

Cake: Cheri's Bakery

Jordan + John

Jordan and John's wedding was our first of 2015! We were super excited for this wedding because of the fact that the reception was taking place at the new Lotus Room at Botanica. As expected, it was stunning! We also had a chance to use some new equipment we purchased over the winter, including our dji phantom drone and a ton of new lenses! We love how this highlight turned out! 

Photography: Lola Jo Photo Design

Dj: Absolute Sound

Rentals/Design: Event Elements



Jessica + Brody

This stunning wedding speaks for itself! Jessica and Brody's ceremony and reception were held at The Abode in Wichita Kansas. Although the venue is considered to be very modern, the decor was luxurious and romantic! The tables were filled with glowing candles, lace table cloths and gold and silver vases filled with light pink and white flowers.  Jessica and Brody only added to the beauty of the day! What a gorgeous couple! Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day! 

Photographer: Lola Jo Photo Design

Event Planner: Jubilations Event Planning

Shalie + Jeremy

We have been so blessed to have had a much busier year than expected here at The Brickhouse Films! Unfortunately as a result of this blessing, our social media status has been pretty much non-existent! We have filmed so many amazing weddings that have not been posted to our blog so if you have the time, check out our vimeo page! 

It was an honor to have been a part of this beautiful Dodge City Wedding! Once again we had the privilege of working alongside Faith with Bel Amour Events, she always makes our job so easy! It doesn't get much better than an outdoor wedding, with a gorgeous reception in a tent under the stars. Brandi with Lola Jo Photography did an amazing job capturing the stunning images from this Boot Hill Museum Wedding, so make sure to head over to her blog to check them out! 

Erica + Chad: Teaser

Erica and Chad were married on May 16th, 2014. The Ceremony was held at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Reception was at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. The speeches were filmed at the Wichita Country Club at the rehearsal dinner. This wedding was breathtaking! Faith with Bel Amour Events did an amazing job coordinating the reception! We can't wait to edit the highlight film! 

Cinematography: The Brickhouse Films

Photography: Jaclyn Marie Photography 

Event Planner: Bel Amour Events


Mary + Arun: Teaser

We had such a fun time filming Mary and Arun's two day wedding celebration! The first day was the Catholic Ceremony in Andale Kansas and the second day was the Hindu Ceremony at the Hyatt in downtown Wichita. Events by Ashley did an amazing job decorating and coordinating this BEAUTIFUL two day celebration! We also got to work with our friends Tim and Jackie with Tim Davis Photography! We hope you enjoy the teaser!! 

Cinematography: The Brickhouse Films

Photography: Tim Davis Photography

Event Planner: Events by Ashley 


Today, we continue Wedding tips with more info on Lighting! Take it away Nick! 


If you are getting married in a church building, you may not be able to control the lighting situation (especially in a Catholic church). The DSLR cameras that many wedding cinematographers (videographers) use can handle just about anything at a church building. But, if you do have any control over a church ceremony, or any indoor wedding for that matter, here are a few things to keep in mind.

 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita, KS 

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita, KS 

The more light the better (for filming)I understand that when a room is darker and has track lighting or a bazillion candles it is way more romantic. Setting the mood is important. But, did you know, that when the room is darker the footage tends to be a lot more grainy? Can I work with grainy footage? Absolutely. Despite footage being grainy does it still look good? Yes. But, if I have the option would I rather have footage that isn’t grainy? You know it! So, when planning your ceremony keep in mind that the more light you have, the better your finished product will look.

 Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS 

Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS 

I’m having an outdoor ceremony, that’s plenty of light, right? I LOVE shooting ceremonies outdoors! You can get some great lighting outside… you can also get some pretty poor lighting situations as well. Here a few things to keep in mind about an outdoor ceremony.

Avoid full sunlightFull sunlight is when you are directly in the sun with no shade what so ever. This can result in heavy dark (unflattering) shadows all over your face. It is also hard to properly expose in the full sun. That means that either the foreground or background won’t look near as good as it could. So, when you are planning your outdoor ceremony figure out where the sun will be at your start time and see if there is any shade at all. This leads me to my next point:

Shade is a good thing! Will your ceremony, or wherever the bride, groom, and officiant will be standing, be in shade? This will (for the most part) work out pretty good in your favor. 

When should my ceremony start? In a perfect world, all outdoor weddings would start about an hour before sunset - this is known as the ‘golden hour.’ During the golden hour, everything usually looks great! Shadows are softer, the sun isn’t as overbearing, and sunsets are beautiful!  This is a perfect mixture for some beautiful footage! 

 Botanica Gardens in Wichita, KS

Botanica Gardens in Wichita, KS

Now, I know that the ‘perfect’ situation isn’t always available. But, if you keep these guidelines in the back of your mind when planning your ceremony you’ll be in good shape!


Hello Everyone! The Brickhouse Films is excited to announce that we are collaborating with Nick Miller Films, Leslee Leaming Films and Nicholas & Keaton, and starting a blog series dedicated to educating brides and grooms on how to achieve the most awesome wedding film! Nick wrote our first blog in the series on the importance of lighting! Enjoy! 


I’ve filmed enough weddings to know that most brides & grooms have no clue how important lighting is. So, how important is lighting? VERY. Without a doubt, it is the #1 most important component that effects how your finished product will look. 

There are four major parts of the day to think about when talking about lighting: Preparation, Ceremony, Couple Time, and Reception. I’d like to break down these four areas and talk about various ways to make the lighting the best in each situation.


When it comes to where a bride & groom will be getting ready for the day, most couples fall into one, (or a combination of,) the following:

  • Hotel Room
  • Church/Venue
  • Home

When thinking about where you are going to get ready for the day you should ask yourself the following question, “Does this place have good window light?” If the room has good window light, both your cinematographer (videographer) and photographer should be happy with the set up.

  Shelbi got ready at her home. Here, she has just put on her dress and accessories in front of beautiful window light

Shelbi got ready at her home. Here, she has just put on her dress and accessories in front of beautiful window light

So, what is the best place for us to get ready: a hotel room, church/venue, or my home? Truthfully, if the room has good window light, it doesn’t really matter. Now, aesthetically, most cinematographers (videographers) and photographers will say whatever is the prettiest. However, I would rather film prep shots in a room that isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, but with great window light over a beautiful room with no window light. 

A few things to keep in mind about preparation:

  Courtney got ready in a Hotel Room. Her make up artist was available to come to the room so she could get ready in front of the gorgeous window light.

Courtney got ready in a Hotel Room. Her make up artist was available to come to the room so she could get ready in front of the gorgeous window light.

See if the make up artist will come to you. Most salons are not set up with cinematography (videography) or photography in mind. Many have huge windows, but that area is set aside as a ‘waiting room’ not the ‘prep area.’ Typically, these are filled with fluorescent lights that can cast an unflattering yellow hue. If the make up artist is able to travel to your hotel room, church/venue, or home they will be able to be set up in front of beautiful window light. Also, when it comes to make up think about what you will sit on. A high chair (no… not for babies…) usually yields the best results. You will be sitting up higher so the make up artist doesn’t have to bend over as much, and the higher chair does wonders for your posture.

The groom prep is important tooSadly, many grooms get shoved into some dark basement simply because “it doesn’t matter… it’s just the guys.” But, this day is just as much about the groom as the bride. The same guideline of nice window light should apply to the groom as well.

  Simply by putting Mike in front of a big window in a church building, we were able to get some great looking shots in a space that wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing..

Simply by putting Mike in front of a big window in a church building, we were able to get some great looking shots in a space that wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing..

I have had a few couples ask me how important ‘prep’ or ‘getting ready’ footage is. I think it is very important. Prep shots can make up anywhere from 25% to 35% of your finished film. I will be missing a lot of quality footage to include in your film if it isn’t filmed.

Please come back and see more posts on lighting, as well as posts from the other very talented wedding cinematographers (videographers)! 


Cheers to my first ever blog entry! I'm so excited to finally launch a separate website for The Brickhouse Films, previously part of The Brickhouse Studios. Craig opened The Brickhouse Studios as his recording business and also did video projects on the side. I began helping with the videos and completely fell in love with filming and editing weddings! Our business has grown so much and we are truly blessed! We both decided that the audio and video sides of our business should be separate, since our clientele is so different. The Brickhouse Studios is still the name of our recording studio, but we decided to create a separate website for the video portion of our business. We are elated to announce that our wedding film business will now be The Brickhouse Films. I have spent the last couple months working on the branding and I am excited to finally have it all come together to reflect my personal style and taste. I hope you like it!