Cheers to my first ever blog entry! I'm so excited to finally launch a separate website for The Brickhouse Films, previously part of The Brickhouse Studios. Craig opened The Brickhouse Studios as his recording business and also did video projects on the side. I began helping with the videos and completely fell in love with filming and editing weddings! Our business has grown so much and we are truly blessed! We both decided that the audio and video sides of our business should be separate, since our clientele is so different. The Brickhouse Studios is still the name of our recording studio, but we decided to create a separate website for the video portion of our business. We are elated to announce that our wedding film business will now be The Brickhouse Films. I have spent the last couple months working on the branding and I am excited to finally have it all come together to reflect my personal style and taste. I hope you like it!